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The Temple

Woman Centred Care for every aspect of a Woman's Life
When what you've been doing, no longer aligns or resonates, you come to The Temple.

Woman Centred Care

Women deserve wise wisdom and medicine that is based on a Woman's physiology, met with kind, compassionate, and trauma-informed lens. I bring solutions that are different from the mainstream.

Woman Only Events

When Women gather with other Women to celebrate and sit in ceremony, there is powerful catalytic change and BIG leaps in healing. Safe female relationships are the next level way of experiencing Womanhood.

Womb Shamanism

Shamanic Womb Healing is the most effective, long-forgotten, and all-natural healing technique for a Woman's Reproductive and Mental Health. I have over a decade of using this modality.

Perinatal Care

As a medically and holistically trained traditional birth companion, I offer an alternative to mainstream birth options and support women in natural physiological births outside of the system, trauma free and trauma informed.

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To work 1:1 with me for womb medicine consults, click the button below to pick a date in the calendar. All appointments require a deposit to secure your appointment. Deposit amounts vary. Each woman decides on the deposit amount that is right for her. It is important to me that each woman has access to woman centred care so click below and let's get to work!


I trust women. I don’t question them and their story. I listen deeply. I empathize.
I give you tools and information to make your own choices and create your own healing.
Torrie N.
"My experience with Kasia in her womb circle she led was very safe and healing."
"I hit rock bottom and she masterfully gave me tools to get me to a place of Peace and Freedom."
Dagmara G.
"Thank you for seeing my potential and the next version of myself even when I couldn't."
Kasia Diana Womb Shamaness Woman's Gatekeeper Oracle

Kasia (Ka-sha)


I am a Trauma-Informed Woman's Health and Wellness Specialist.

I hold and create safe spaces for Women to meet and be with other Women. The safety in female relationships allows us to harness the dichotomy of opposite energies merging.

I love to be the catalyst for healing the female body and healing female relationships. I embody the archetype of the True Matriarch.

I am an author, a speaker, an iridologist and detox and womb wellness resource. I am here to serve Wombs, Women and Children.

You can expect to receive solutions that are different from the mainstream as I offer: 


My devotion to this path is my gift, and it is a sacred bond I have exchanged with the Earth, God and Stars. I have been entrusted with the gift of this Temple, and as its steward, I lovingly invite you IN.

Welcome to the Temple. 


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