Kasia • The Temple

Woman Centred Care

W-holistic Womb Health

Unlike the mainstream, I trust women. I don’t question them and their story. I listen deeply. I empathize. Together we access the higher realms and guides and celestial beings to support massive shifts. Woman Centred Care is compassionate, kind, and suitable for all stages of womanhood.

Woman Centred Trauma-Informed Care for fertility, prenatal, birth, postpartum, infertility, abortion, period discomfort, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, PCOS, etc.

I am holistic woman centred support and care.

I use Iridology, Detox, Herbalism and Body Work to support the body. 
I use Meditation, Breathwork and Inner Child Work to support the mind.
I am guided by Ancestors, my Third Eye and our Wombs to support the soul.

Over a decade of living according to my hormones and blood cycle, overcoming abuse, experiencing obstetric violence and true sovereignty in pregnancy, birth and motherhood, I have been gifted the intuition and experience to support women in all phases of life. 

Guaranteed results with this methodology and with my loving heart.